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Meet our brilliant team at KaleidoGlobe! We are eager problem-solvers that share the vision of a future where people have the most valuable insights across millions of documents at their fingertips.


Business Team

Hunter Zhao

B.S., Caltech; M.S., MIT

Hunter leads our client engagements and makes product design decisions for our team. He has over five years of professional experience in management consulting, engineering, and education. He is passionate about technology and wants to bring applicable state-of-the-art academic research into the business world.

Jason Lai

B.S., UC Davis

Jason manages the legal, human resources, and financial operations of the company. His previous work experience includes litigation consulting and human resources. Jason's specialization enables the Engineering Team to stay focused on technical development. In his other life, Jason is an active media producer and has managed projects in theaters across the U.S.

Wei Li


Wei manages the administrative, recruiting, and social media activities of the company. She has a knack for streamlining policies and procedures to drive efficiency in the workplace. Wei is the mother of 2 fabulous young girls and is passionate about eliminating negative stereotypes around motherhood.

Engineering Team

Chi Feng

B.S., Caltech; Ph.D., MIT

Chi leads the engineering efforts of the KaleidoGlobe team. His Ph.D. in computational science and engineering is centered on efficient algorithms for Bayesian inference. Outside of academics, Chi has worked as a full-stack developer and event photographer. He is also an avid classical pianist and also enjoys cooking.

Mariya Vasileva

B.S., Caltech; Ph.D., UIUC

Mariya leads the algorithm optimization efforts of the KaleidoGlobe team. Her Ph.D. in computer science focuses on embedding models and interpretable AI at the intersection of computer vision and natural language. Outside of work, Mariya is passionate about product design and fashion, and occasionally dabbles in music production.

Zi Heng “Henry” Xu

B.A., Cornell University

Henry is a full-time product manager intern, and will graduate in 2021 with a B.A. in computer science. As part of the Product Team, he is responsible for many areas of our operations, ranging from this very website to key features within our product. He is enthusiastic about creating real, measurable impact across the organizations we serve as clients.

Zheng Wang

B.S., U of Toronto; Ph.D., MIT

Zheng leads the implementation of NLP and machine learning algorithms at KaleidoGlobe. His Ph.D. is focused on scalable optimization-based sampling methods to solve statistical inverse problems. He is an expert in numerical methods, computational science, and applied statistics. Outside of work, he enjoys tennis, skating and skiing.

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