accelerating knowledge

Kaleido Information Management System (KIMS)

A comprehensive data management solution for extracting the most valuable information from large collections of unstructured text documents


Search and discover documents across multiple real-time sources


Identify clusters of similar documents to reveal important common themes


Create topic-centric summaries from multiple documents and identify key individuals and entities


Visualize and identify narratives that connect entities across multiple documents

Integrated Search Across Multiple Platforms

We offer a single cloud-based information management system that integrates data consisting of unstructured text (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Text, Web Pages, etc.) across multiple platforms (Google Drive, OneDrive, Private Cloud, etc.) so that users can access them through a single interface. The data itself is not moved or modified in any manner.

State-of-the-Art Algorithms

KIMS leverages state-of-the-art text extraction and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms that contextualize all relevant information regardless of where they are stored or how they are named. Our machine learning algorithms then conduct highly customized discovery and organization in order to present users with the most valuable materials.

Minimizes Human Work for Information Processing

KIMS helps accelerate human processing of text-based information. Our internal document browser automatically generates article summaries centered on user-defined topics, highlights key passages, and provides trusted external references on difficult concepts.

Visualize Relationship Among Entities

KIMS carries the capability of automatically identifying and relating significant entities from articles. It allows users to explore the web of entities within a given context. KIMS also supports collaborative manual tagging of entities and explicit specification of relationships.

Use Cases Examples

We envision that Kaleido Information Management System will prove invaluable across a wide variety of fields.

Management Consulting

An engagement manager finds a multitude of useful reference materials from past engagements in order to prepare for an upcoming project.


A lawyer locates a series of historical case records and identifies their most influencial factors in order to devise a strategy for the client.


A researcher looks for reliable reference materials in an unfamiliar field to obtain the necessary knowledge on highly technical concepts.


A doctor obtains patient records and maps symptoms in relation to known diseases across medical literature to make a quick and accurate diagnosis.

Media & News

A company obtains a "bulletin" list of the relevant news articles and social media posts to gauge interest for a new product to market.